Infowars Show Notes Friday Jan. 12, 2018

Hour One: (notated by segments)


>Monologue re: Shithole-Gate, Haiti and mainstream media lies re: Haitians and HIV.

>F. Lee Baily and N-word during O.J. Simpson trial>>

>Mainstream media quoting ‘shithole’ for emotional shock value to suspend rational thought>>

>Governor Terry McCauliffe (D VA) physically threatens president>>

6:00 min:

>Trump says ‘all immigrants have AIDs’>>

>F. Lee Bailey and N-word>> Jurors claim that racist detective Mark Fuhrman’s involvement and the gloves gave reasonable doubt”…

>Alex Jones discusses personal philanthropy>>

Exclusive: Infowars Investigative Report Exposes Clinton’s Crimes in Haiti

>SEAL disses OPRAH>>

>Clinton’s Haiti theft>>

>OPRAH ‘renfields’ for Harvey Weinstein>>

>‘Shithole’ Low English from Normans conquest over England>>

>Norman conquest of England and English>>

>George Orwell discusses language>> “Political language – and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists – is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – George Orwell – Politics and the English Language

>Jim Acosta and fake news about Scalise>>

CNN’s Jim Acosta Tweets Fake News About Trump Not Seeing Congressman Scalise in Hospital

>Jim Acosta and ‘shithole’>>

Jim Acosta First to Say ‘Sh*thole’ On Air After Report on Trump Slur

20:00 min:

>Rant about Clintons, Haiti, Rwanda and UN Extermination programs killing 800,000 Christians dead Arab Spring and Linda Sarsour>>

>Project Veritas and James O’Keefe bust Twitter execs for censorship and shadow banning>>

>Steele Dossier and payments>>

>Justice Dept. Investigation opened over Steele Dossier>>

>Adobe and voiceprint software>>

>Women sign affidavit that democrats offered money to claim Trump assaulted them>>


>Soros funds and directs Antifa>>

Soros connected ANTIFA documents reveal Intel for ‘Anarchistic Plan’ for anti-cop uprising: Dr. Lyle Rapacki

>Governor Terry McCauliffe (D VA) physically threatens president>>

>One Star Rant (out of three) about Media Matters>>

>PLUG #1 >>


>Black unemployment at historical low>>

>Don Lemon calls Trump racist>>

>Fuhrman grilled and lies to William F. Buckley>>

>Laura Hart McKinny finally talks about Mark Fuhrman>>

>F. Lee Bailey and N-word>> Jurors claim that racist detective Mark Fuhrman’s involvement and the gloves gave reasonable doubt”…

Hour Two: (notated by segments)


> Monologue on MSM and fake news and lies>>

White House denies report that Trump said Haitian immigrants ‘all have AIDS’

>F. Lee Bailey shocks with ‘nigger’>>

Mark Fuhrman Tapes & Trial Testimony

>Clinton’s stole 99% of Haiti money>>

>Clinton Foundation, Haiti and Child Trafficking>>

Clintons Cut Ties To Haiti Day Before Child Trafficking Bust

>Clinton & Haiti in Huffpo>>


>Rant re: Voice print, voice generation software danger to President Trump

>One Star Rant on mainstream media lies and Democrat Shitholes in the US and Hellholes.

>Images of Haitian deforestation>>

> Shithole definition>>

>UN and Hatian Cholera epidemic>>

CDC Emails Reveal Obama, Clinton Covered Up Cholera Outbreak In Haiti


>Rant about censorship and shadow banning of MSM and Social Media. Clintons, the evil of globalists and the lies of the MSM about Trump.

>Phil Mudd CIA op who threatened Trump’s life and identifies as a ‘shitholer’

>Race baiting shock language by MSM ande Stellar ‘Shithole Montage’>>

>KKK founded by Democrats>>


>Rant about shitholes, hellholes, democrats, MSM and Phil Mudd: see last segment’s links.

>Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert is a guest>>

>Scott Adams puts Trump’s “shithole” and “Norway” statements in context>>

Pres. Trump Meets with Prime Minister of Norway

>Jones mentions Clintons and Rwanda genocide>>

>Jones mentions Huffpost admitting Clinton’s stole two billion dollars>>

>Clinton Foundation questions and two billion dollars>>


>Scott Adams endorsed Hillary Clinton in election ‘for his own safety’>>

>Scott Adams discusses Trumps penchant for hyperbole, exaggeration and rhetoric. Jones says Trumps exuberance is working.

>Scott Adams quotes Scott Alexander “If you hear something in the news that sounds unbelievable, it’s almost certain it didn’t happen”. Scott and Alex discuss context and the disingenousness of MSM coverage of Trump’s alleged ‘shithole’ comment.

>Scott Adams, The Left’s Bullying is Backfiring video from Nov. 6, 2017>>

Hour Three: (notated by segments)


>The Shit has Hit the Fan. Special report by John Bowne>>


>James O’Keefe of Project Veritas joins Alex Jones to discuss their bombshell revelations of Twitter censorship and shadow banning of “rednecks” and “shitty people”.

>Jeff Bezos paid less than 1% of net worth for the Washington Post>>

>Carlos Slim, Mexican billionaire and part owner of NYT>>–20151201-0019.html

>Twitter Shadow bans Project Veritas>>

Project Veritas Exposes Twitter ‘Shadow Banning’


>Alex Jones Monologue: Time magazine’s cover and Trump’s first year. Jones celebrates Trump, O’Keefe, and Matt Drudge.

>Our racist president at work>>

>Donald Trump mentioned in over 67 rap songs before running for President>>

>Hillary Clinton calls black gang members “super predators”>>

>Trump takes on prison reform to undo damage done to blacks by Clinton’s in the 90’s>>


>Millie Weaver joins broadcast.

>Plug #2>>>

>Millie plugs X2, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Secret 12, and Vitamin Mineral Fusion>>

3 More Great Supplements for Gut Health

The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow (Book Review)

>Alex Jones plugs products, growth of Infowars and discusses funding.

>Roger Stone joins worldwide broadcast to discuss Jake Tapper and “shitholegate”. Claims it’s a distraction from record high black employment. (See links above) Mentions Hillary and Bill Clinton leaving Haiti in the dismal state it’s in today. (see links above for Clintons crimes in Haiti). Alex and Roger discuss game plans for president and note that there is no evidence that president called Haiti a shithole. Roger calls it a distraction from the good news of North and South Korea talks, the booming economy and Feinstein’s law breaking>>

Feinstein Confirms Fusion GPS Lawyers Asked For Release Of Testimony Transcript

>Millie calls it a fake news distraction, referencing the deciptively edited clip of the DACA meeting meant to inflame Trump’s base.


>Alex mentions Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s huge subsidy from the Postal Service>>

>Millie Weaver discusses immigration reform and the disingenousness of the democrats, blaming it on Trump for being a racist. Roger Stone reiterates that it is a calculated distraction from Trump’s successes. Roger recommends televised counterpunch. Roger mentions Hillary’s tweet about Trump’s racism, despite the fact that Bill Clinton abandoned his mixed race son Danny Williams in Arkansas.

>Short documentary about Danny Williams, Bill Clintons abandoned son in Arkansas>>

>Stone once again calls for ‘fireside chats’ from President Trump>>

>Jones, Weaver, and Stone discuss strategies the President can use to take on the Deep State and the lies of the mainstream media, as well as the censorship of Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hour Four: (notated by segments)


>Millie Weaver discusses marches and protests against Google and Twitter with Alex Jones. Roger Stone joins by phone to discuss lawsuits of his own and by Milo Yanopolous. #stopthetwatzis. (“Twitter Nazis”) Need to confront censorship at Twitter, Facebook & Google’s front door with non-violent protest. Revelations regarding Twitter’s Jack Dorsey coming from Project Veritas on Monday.


>Rob Dew joins broadcast. Alex and Rob discuss social media with a Hansel and Gretel analogy. Listeners must create more platforms and also share news on guerilla platforms such as by hand and through private e-mail.

>Plug #3>>

>Discussion of info and social media war. Twitter calls conservativs “shitty people”, but left goes crazy on accusations of Trump’s “shithole” comment. How do we awaken the zombies and authoritarians who are hypnotized by the MSM and Google, Facebook & Twitter. It’s now time to have congressional hearings on the rackateering and censorship of the the social media panopticon.

>Zuckerberg is shutting down free speech on Facebook>>

Zuckerberg Just Revealed Facebook’s 7-Point Plan to Censor “Fake News” and It’s Chilling

Mark Zuckerberg Shut Down Secret Group Used By Pro-Trump Facebook Employees


>Rob Dew hosting final hour. Runs through breacking news this segment.>>

>Kit Daniels article re: State Dept. Travel warnings>>

State Dept Warns: Avoid Travel to Shithole Countries

>More news about strong economy>>

>Jason Fick joins Rob Dew to discuss Facebook censorship, demonetization and the power of the individual voice in social media. Also analyzing the ‘bait and switch’ of the MSM.


>Dew discusses Zuckerbert, Facebook and their censorship.

>Jason Fick discusses the censorship that he personally experienced on Facebook. Fick and Dew predict slow demise of Facebook due to it’s dumbing down and commercialization with too many ads.


>Dew and Fick discuss the awakening of the populace to the manipulations of information by Facebook and Twitter>>

>James O’Keefe video shows twitter execs discussing shutting down Trump’s twitter account>>

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning,” Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions

>Fick discusses rumours of tensions and a war within Facebook employees who are fighting over it’s proper use. Floats idea of changing anti-trust laws for social media companies.

>QUICK PLUG #4>> By Rob Dew and sign off.